Historic Haunt

Walk upon the original floor boards of The Hayloft barn built in 1886 and sense the restlessness of the spirits that remain there. Follow the re-enactment of the tragic demise of Herman Umberger, the frenzied escapes of his accused murderers Joseph and David Nicely, and their death by hanging on April 2, 1891.
“I say to you all, prepare to meet your God. It is a sure thing that you must all meet your God.” -Joseph Nicely (The Umberger Tragedy by Edward H. Werner)

Horrors of Hell

Continue your journey as you follow the condemned to a place in Hell that hosts your fears. Dark, light, hot, cold, water, wind? Try to remain sane.

Forrest of Frights

If the witches allow your escape, hop a hayride that embarks into the darkness of the wooded area surrounding this 150 acre farm located in Somerset County. Some have returned unharmed…

Corn Maze of Carnage

Stay high and dry as you stroll the paved path of least resistance or hang a left into the mysterious corn maze of carnage. Either way, good riddance!


Unlimited amusement rides, games, food and fun await you throughout the grounds next to the bonfire area.