Historic Haunt

Walk upon the floor boards of this barn and sense the restlessness of the spirits that remain here. Follow the tragic demise of Herman Umberger, the frenzied escapes of his accused murderers Joseph and David Nicely, and their death by hanging on April 2, 1891.
“I say to you all, prepare to meet your God. It is a sure thing that you must all meet your God.” -Joseph Nicely (The Umberger Tragedy by Edward H. Werner)

Horrors of Hell

Continue your journey as you follow the condemned to a place in Hell that hosts your many fears. Dark, light, hot, cold, water, wind? Try to remain sane.

Corn Maze of Carnage

Exit the barn and enter the Corn Maze of Carnage and try to find your way home.  Good riddance!

Lights Out Adventure (New)

After 9:00PM, the lights go out and you have to continue to find your way through with only 1 glowstick per group.

Frights! Fires! Food! Fun!